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     Antanus Pullum

Antanus Pullum is an Educator in the 5th largest school district in the nation where is he has taught First through Third Grade students in the inner city for over 20 years. He is a native of North Las Vegas, Nevada. Antanus comes from a long line of educators in his family and feels that it is imperative to give back to his community. As an elementary teacher, he was recognized “Teacher of the Year”. 

He received his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

He started his educational journey at Arizona State University pursuing a law degree and playing baseball. Knowing that he wanted to work with kids in some capacity because he grew up in a large family. His love for children was fostered from both his parents, James, and Gertrude Pullum. His home was the epicenter of the family which was always bustling with kids. His major was changed to Elementary Education. Antanus was able to work with the AmeriCorps program that enabled him to get a first glance of the classroom while in school. There he saw the dire need for black male teachers in the elementary setting. His strengths have been setting high expectations, creating a warm and exciting environment for learning through critical thinking, being tough but fair with each individual student, and building rapport with the parents and community. 

Through the many years as an educator, Antanus witnessed the degradation of young boys of color. In 2013, Antanus became the Dean of Students of Elementary where he met Mr. Richard Jack, the new counselor; they bonded quickly sharing similar views about the plight of young boys of color and decided to create an avenue were the boys would have a voice. Antanus Pullum and Richard Jack Co-Founded Gentlemen By Choice, birthed out of a deep passion to change their mindset through L.I.F.E skills. 

Phone Number: +1 702 882 9701 

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