There are a variety of ways you can get involved with Gentlemen by Choice.  We accept donations and volunteers - any and all involvement is greatly appreciated. We invite you to participate in any of our community events. 


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Membership is not a given and must be earned. Mentees are referred and selected based upon demonstrated potential leadership qualities. Mentor-teacher collaboration helps to establish group dynamics that foster positive achievement towards desired results. A strong parent-mentor relationship provides the opportunity for paradigm shifts in mentees that have resulted in improved decision making and behaviors. Mentees are not only encouraged but are required to adhere to high standards; exhibiting gentleman-like qualities in and out of school.

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Every dollar given to support Gentlemen By Choice helps shape the future. We appreciate and honor our donors. 

You can help GBC raise money simply by shopping using Amazon Smile. Click the link below and change your charity to GBC.


If you would like to mentor a Gent or you have a special talent you think could be a win-win for us, please reach out to us and let us know about yourself and your ideas!