Letter from

the Chair

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On behalf of the Board of Directors from Gentlemen By Choice (GBC) and its chapters, I want to thank all of you who have contributed, in some way, to our efforts to create a pipeline for success for our young citizen. The results so far are encouraging—however, we still need to raise enough money to provide a secure financial foundation for the sustainability of GBC and its chapters. 

Meanwhile, our work continues. In a few months, our headquarters building in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be abuzz with dozens of leaders and representatives from our chapters and student groups convening at our annual conference. GBC’s continuing vitality is amply demonstrated by the commitment and dedication of the many supporters the organization has at the grassroots level. 

The process of reforming the management of GBC and its chapters began less than a year ago when I first became a director. At the very first Board meeting, I attended there was a consensus that day-to-day operations should remain in the hands of our learned and dedicated CEO, Richard Jack III. In implementing the reform process, the Board did not rely on its own intuition. Instead, it retained feedback from the participants, parents, community leaders and other stakeholders. Rather than “rubber stamping” the actions of the organization, the board began working on strategic planning and exercised legitimate oversight authority. 

In closing, we are aware of the challenges of the past, while confronting the challenges of today. GBC is strong today and will remain strong tomorrow. The board is committed to the mission and services that GBC offers young people. I speak for the board by saying that we are willing to accept humble failures so long as they are done in good faith. However, we will not accept any unethical business practices that will tarnish the reputation of the organization or those it serves. The board takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously, which makes GBC worthy of your support. With every good wish, I am, 














Edwin Witt Powell, Chair 


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