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      Richard Jack III

Richard Jack III is a fifth-year school counselor. He is originally from Bayonne, New Jersey and relocated to Las Vegas, NV in 1990, courtesy of the United States Air Force. He honorably served his country for over 21 years and remained in Las Vegas after his retirement from active duty in May 2007. During his tour of duty, he served as an air traffic controller, trainer, evaluator, training manager, and supervisor while ascending to the Senior Noncommissioned Officer ranks. 

Richard possesses a Master of Science in Counseling Degree from the University of Phoenix. He uses his counseling degree and life experiences to provide guidance and support to young people. Richard joined the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy staff in Las Vegas in 2012 and immediately organized a school-wide anti-bullying program culminating in a community walk in support of National Anti-Bully month. He encouraged community participation from two local schools, inviting them to join the annual walk. During the same year, he also co-founded Gentlemen By Choice, a young men’s youth mentorship program designed to promote self-image, self-discipline, self-respect, and self-actualization as they embrace the evolutionary process to manhood. 

Richard engages students in peer-to-peer mediation strategies, conflict resolution and group conversation designed to enhance academic achievement and behavior modification. Richard relocated to West Maui, Hawaii and joined Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary Staff. Upon his arrival, he began implementing programs that encourage character development and relationship building; while promoting academic achievement in a safe and positive school environment. His passions are reading education and leadership. He also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree as well as a Master of Business Administration degree. Richard is trained in NeuroLinguistic Programming and is a certified life coach. He is also a trainer for Gurian Institute, specializing in gender-specific learning practices. 

Phone Number: +1 702 969 8203 

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