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Ryan originally moved to Las Vegas from Canada in search of warm weather, decent Mexican food, and sand. Okay, maybe not sand, but regardless, Vegas gave him an abundance of each of those things--and much better than simply "decent" Mexican food. The City also gave him far more than he originally bargained for in the form of a loving wife, two ever-drooling dogs, and a successful law firm, SOS Injury Lawyers, that he owns and operates with his two close friends and partners.

Ryan's law firm is dedicated to championing the rights of those harmed by irresponsible companies and drivers. He gives back wherever possible by helping injured victims and working with charities, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and Opportunity Village. Through these platforms, Ryan has consistently sought to advocate for those in need, and has always striven to make a genuine difference.

Ryan's support of Gentlemen by Choice is underpinned by his belief in the saying, "if you don't know better, you can't do better." Through GBC, Ryan is excited for the opportunity to help our community's youth know better so that they have the tools needed to do better. He intends to bring the same commitment to integrity and perseverance to GBC that he emphasizes in his law firm, and is honored to be part of this distinguished Board.

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